E-Policy Delivery

Term only

Policies released to client (we can send copies to agent), with instructions

American General ePolicy Consumer Guide

Term only

eDelivery Tutorial Customer View

*If client has questions about e-Policy, call 800-638-8428 opt.5 ext.6971 – need policy #

Term and Universal Life

No electronic payment option (except for TermAccel)

Payment options: check, or fill out an EFT form and return with a void check to draft.

TermAccel cases are ePolicy

Sent to Lakeview Financial case manager to approve, then sent to agent and agent sends to client.

For Life and MoneyGuard policies utilizing eDelivery through iPipeline’s DocFast or DocuSign, the client will now have an option to receive a PIN for Authentication via text message (cell) or automated phone call (landline), in lieu of providing the last 4 digits of their SSN.  The PIN method will be based on the phone number type (cell or landline) provided for the client

For ePolicy issues, can call Ipipeline: 1-800-641-6557 option 2.

Lincoln Financial eDelivery Powerpoint

Lakeview Case Manager will review and release the policy to the agent, the agent will review and then release it to the client.

The client will receive an email with a link to access the policy (to log in the use the last 4 digits of their ssn, zip code, and DOB)

Client can then review pdf of policy and e-sign delivery requirements and make payment.

eDelivery Training

Available for Principal Term life products. (All Term policies will default to eDelivery)

Applicants must have a valid email address. If they don’t, the policy should be printed and signed.

Approved in all states except New York.


          • The policy will be emailed to you for your review (If physical signature is preferred, simply print the policy and proceed as usual. If there are policy changes, there will be an option to return for correction).
          • Your client will receive an email with the policy for their review and an eSignature.
          • You’ll receive an email with the policy for final review and an eSignature (if required).
          • All parties who eSigned will receive the signed policy via email, which can be printed if desired.

eDelivery Client Flyer

Principal eDelivery Steps

Term and Universal Life

E-Pay options: credit card, EFT.

Client can call Protective’s Policyholder Services Department for assistance: 800-866-9933

Getting Started Guide

Protective ePolicy Consumer Guide

Protective ePolicy Election Form

Producers and clients may opt-in to electronic policy delivery (eDelivery) on a case-by-case basis by completing the Consent for Electronic Delivery form during the iGO eApp submission process.


        • All Term Products
        • Select Permanent Products Without an Illustration*
        • Single Insured Only (Social Security Number required)
        • Single Individual Policyowner (Social Security Number required; no entities or multiple owners)

Restrictions: Not Available in Guam, on NY Replacements, Juveniles, Placed Changes or Term Conversions.

Once Lakeview releases the policy to you as the agent, you can sign into the ePolicy using the last 4 digits of the policy owner’s social security number.  You will review and then release to the client for their signature.

    • The eApplication must be completed directly with the proposed insured
    • Accurately identify the state in which the client will sign the application
    • Client needs to have an active email address
    • Use “Sign Now” only if applicant is in-person

Sagicor eApplication Procedures

  • The client can go to https://www.mysbli.com , click on  Register Now  and follow the prompts to complete the registration.
  • Either print or save the policy as it will only be available for 60 days on the website.
  • Provide the client’s specific policy number to register.
  • If  further assistance is needed, please call customer service department (800) 694-7254.

Term only

Opt-in to eDelivery while applying through eApp

Securian Life ePolicy FAQs

DocuSign FAQs

*If client has questions about e-Policy,  they can call 800-328-6124

option 1

Sent to Lakeview Financial case manager to approve, then sent to agent and agent sends to client.

DocFast who handles the E-Delivery has a number as well as an email to use in case of needing assistance:

      • Phone Number: (800) 641-6557

E-policy only available when the application is submitted via iGo platform (elected at the time of Agent completing iGO app)

E-policy is emailed direct to the Client

DocFast who handles the E-Delivery has a number as well as an email to use in case of needing assistance:

      • Phone Number: (800) 641-6557

15 days after the policy was e-delivered to the client, if there is no signature on any delivery requirements, the electronic delivery will be voided, and a paper application will be mailed out to the agent.


Electronic Delivery is not currently available for the state of New York.

Policies which require a signed or revised illustration at delivery are not eligible for e-Delivery.

A policy needing to be re-printed and mailed (only the initial policy packet can be e-delivered).

      • Any Requirements on the case other than:
          • Amendment
          • Save Age Amendment
          • Aviation Exclusion Rider Amendment
          • Premium Due
          • EFT/PAC Form
          • Policy Delivery Receipt
          • Illustration
      • Foreign National Cases

Policy PDF Information

Policy/Delivery Requirements are available online.

Clients can register for an account- Complete the quick two-step registration process to access your Allianz account online. You will need to verify your name, Social Security number, and date of birth.

By registering your account online, you will have access to contract values, statements, the ability to change allocations, and access to yearly tax statements. You will also be able to download additional service forms pertaining to your contract or policy.

All policies will be sent out via PDF once they are available.  The PDF is typically available shortly after the policy is issued.

Remember all delivery requirements can be eSigned or sent via email or fax.

The only requirements that must be wet signed are 1035 and replacement forms where the state/industry enforces the ink signatures.

e-Delivery of policy copy — to help make it faster and easier for
you to administer and file John Hancock contracts.1

Advantages include:

    • Quicker receipt of policy copy — your firm will receive a PDF file including an exact copy of the client’s policy package within 24 hours of the policy being issued.
    • Easier to file — the PDF will be sent via secure email, giving you the option to electronically file the policy copy.

TIP! Add “John Hancock Insurance” ([email protected]) to your address book to ensure there are no delays in receiving the email notification.