It's important for you, as an advisor, to know that you are working with a brokerage partner who is knowledgeable about the life insurance options available to your clients, competent in providing the right solution for each client and motivated to find that solution and deliver on the expectations set. We know that our role is to do the work behind the scenes so you are confident in knowing you did your due diligence in presenting a solution to your clients that best fits their needs.

We have experience with many different insurance companies and many different underwriting risks. We also have multiple options to field underwrite a case for you thereby making an informed decision on which carrier to submit a case to based on a client's medical history, tobacco habits or avocations. This can help avoid delays and minimize many of the pitfalls that can materialize on a case. It is our goal to help you with more business by making the process as efficient as possible.

Our life insurance options include: guaranteed and simplified issue, term, universal life, survivorship life, indexed life and whole life.

So, from the small term cases to the larger complex planning cases, 3D Advisors has the knowledge and strategic partnerships available to be the brokerage partner you can trust.

The Life Insurance Policy Review Program

Life insurance plays a vital role in the comprehensive financial plan of individuals and businesses