3D Academy

3D Academy – Relationships built on knowledge

3D Advisors “3D Academy” was developed to provide a platform for educating agents on a variety of topics from new products to government policies. We recognized a disconnect in the education side of the brokerage world. With the independent space growing and captive agencies no longer responsible for training agents 3D has jumped at the opportunity to step in. This educational platform will also allow participating agents to be recognized as graduates of the program where, you the agent, will receive a high level of knowledge that is useful in helping customers with their insurance needs. Here at 3D Advisors we want you to rely on us as a leader in education to improve your existing clients experience and create new relationships built on knowledge.

Recent Events

Another wonderful 3D Academy! Thank you to Brian Moebs, Allianz and all those that attended our March 28th event. When great information and great people come together thoughts begin to blossom into ideas and action. A big thanks to our photographer Krista Prasnjak for making us all look good ☺!
March 28, 2018

Webinar "Navigating Life's Challenges Using E-Money"

1/27/22 Webinar "Navigating Life's Challenges Using E-Money"