Sales Playbook

Annuity Maximization

Maximizing Annuity Funds Using Life Insurance

Buy Sell Agreements

Ensure Proper Transition of a Business

Executive Bonus

Reward and Retain Great Employees

Key Person

Protect a Business from Financial Loss

Business to Family

Meeting Employer and Family Needs

Client Review

Identify Underperforming Policies

College Funding

Thinking Ahead with Life Insurance

Estate Planning

Build, Preserve, and Maximize an Estate

Legacy Building

Help Maximize Assets Passed to Beneficiaries

Longevity Planning

Help Clients Prepare for an Extended Retirement

Pension Maximization

Using Life Insurance to Help Maximize Pension Benefits

Retirement Planning

Protection Now. Freedom Later

Smart Money

Non-Qualified Money Alternatives

Life Insurance

The life insurance policy review program

Capital Earnings

Capital Needed to Replace Earning Power

Of all the assets we own, our earning power is the most valuable! How much capital would it take to replace your earning power?

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Financial Pyramid

People don't plan to fail… they fail to plan!

Taking control of your finances and your financial future can help you reach your desired destinations in life.

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Lifetime Earnings

How Much Will You Earn in a Lifetime?

Few people realize that a 30-year-old couple will earn 3.5 million dollars by age 65 if their total family income averages $100,000 for their entire careers, without any raises.

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College Savings

Objective: To Provide for Your Child’s Education

Over the past decade (2001-02 to 2011-12), total in-state tuition and fees in inflation-adjusted dollars at four-year public colleges have increased an average of 4.1% per year,

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