Saving Money Tips & Trends


There are few things as comforting as having money in the bank. Unexpected costs can pop up at any time and that money that is held in reserve will, many times, meet that financial need without leaving the saver destitute. 3D Advisors has always been about helping individuals plan for a bright future with solutions like linked benefit. However, to have the money for the future, it will require people to start saving now. The following are saving money tips that can help you tuck money away for the future you want:

Cable has to go. We’re not saying that you can’t have any entertainment, we all need distractions and entertainment provides for that. Cable or satellite TV plans always start out affordable, but that affordability quickly disappears, and the costs keep adding up.

Try instead: streaming services are becoming a popular and less expensive alternative to cable.

Don’t buy new. From clothes to cars, buying new and trendy is a tax on the savings account. Cars lose their value the minute they leave the lot and fashion trends are constantly changing, so buying new isn’t always a great investment.

Try instead: consider buying used. Often, you can find what you are looking for without the extra cost of buying brand new.

Skip eating out. It’s nice to ditch cooking in favor for a great meal at a restaurant, but by the time you work in the cost of the meal, tip and the gas to travel there, you’ve spent way too much.

Try instead: Cook at home and save eating out for special occasions.  You can always find something to try via the internet’s large library of step-by-step how-to videos and recipes.

Be smart about your phone. No, you don’t need the newest smartphone, you don’t even need that pricey plan either. While new phones and tablets are always wanted, they aren’t worth the extra cost or data plan that comes with it.

Try instead: keep your smartphone and switch carriers or work with your carrier to get the best deals possible. It will save you money to be savvy about your plan and electronics.

It takes discipline and practice to save money. If you are new at saving, give yourself some small goals of how much you want to save per month and work up from there. As you put more money in the bank you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment that’s much better than anything you can buy yourself.

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